RCD and emergency light testing - updated

14 Feb 2019

Under the Electrical Safety Act 2002, there is a statutory requirement for RCD trip testing and emergency light testing to be undertaken. This testing will be undertaken by Downer Electrical.


  • Start: 1 February 2019
  • Finish: 28 February 2019

View the February Schedule (PDF, 214.9 KB)

Work details

Test 1 – RCD testing


Loss of power supply to power outlets (RCD testing) from 6am to 8am (barring any failures). 


The work will involve loss of power to power points, other equipment (including computer servers) and lighting.

The loss of power will be for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. If non-conforming devices are found, the power outage time may increase due to the time required to replace the defective device.

Test 2 – Emergency stop button testing


All emergency stop buttons located in laboratories will be tested from 6am to 8am.


This may isolate both power and gases to lab floors. Turn off all computers and other electrical devices during this time. Failure to do so may result in loss of work or damage to electrical equipment/devices.

Test 3 – Emergency lighting testing


Loss of power supply to lighting circuits between 6am and 3pm.


During exit and emergency lighting tests disruptions will be kept to a minimum, but in some cases due to the current building design only emergency lighting will be available for the duration of the test (generally 90 minutes).


For any questions or concerns you may have regarding this schedule, please contact the relevant parties below.

PF Assist:

Downer Electrical:
Neil De San Miguel

St Lucia campus:
Robert Dore

Michael Skele

Remote sites:
Peter Greenwood

    Long Pocket:
    Nahendran Subramanian