Andrew N. Liveris Building construction project - update

30 Jul 2018

A project to construct the Andrew N. Liveris Building on the site of the Frank White Building (43) and Frank White Annexe (44) is about to begin. The new 11-storey chemical engineering building is scheduled to open in 2021.

30 July update

Construction work is continuing in the Frank White Building (43) and Frank White Annexe (44) buildings. This is to commence the retirement of the Frank White and Frank White Annexe buildings and complete construction of the new Andrew N. Liveris Building.

Early works to demolish the existing buildings, prepare pilings and level the site has commenced as of July 2018. Works include asbestos removal, tree removal, and bulk excavation to clear the site ready for the erection of the new 11 storey Andrew N. Liveris Building.

The University has received the necessary Brisbane City Council Natural Assets Local Law (NALL) approvals for the removal of the trees, as indicated on the plan (PDF, 213KB). A wildlife spotter has been appointed to identify any existing wildlife to ensure their welfare and relocation if required.  As part of the NALL requirements the University will also implement a replacement planting program of new trees on the St Lucia campus. The tree removals are scheduled for progressing over the next two weeks.

Please obey all signage and barriers as directed to ensure personal safety and the safety of workers.

Feedback can be forwarded to the UQ Project Manager, Mr Zak Williams at

Overall project


  • Start: 25 June 2018
  • Finish: January 2021

    Work details

    Early works to demolish the existing buildings, prepare pilings and level the site will begin on 25 June 2018. 

    Trucks will access the work site via Staff House Road throughout the project, and there will be periods of traffic disruption, noise, vibration and increased dust. UQ’s Property and Facilities Division will work with the contractors to minimise the impact of the work on sensitive research equipment, teaching activities, pedestrians and other activities near the site. Power, water and data services to nearby buildings will not be affected.

    UQ staff, including those who work near the construction site, will soon be invited to attend Property and Facilities information sessions that will give an overview of the construction process and impacts.

    Project information is available from the P&F projects and initiatives website and UQ News.

    Further updates to the building works program and disruption notices will be available from this web page.

    Andrew N. Liveris Building - artist impression


    Zak Williams, Senior Project Manager