UQ Campus partial air conditioning shutdowns

2 Aug 2018

As part of an energy saving initiative, there will be a partial shutdown of air conditioning to selected parts of UQ buildings over the public holidays. See list of buildings and rooms affected (PDF, 332KB) for this period.

Dates affected

  • Wednesday 15 August 2018 all day (Royal Queensland Show public holiday)
  • Monday 1 October 2018  all day (Queen’s Birthday public holiday)

Areas affected

  • The areas selected for the shutdown are generally offices and teaching spaces.
  • Rooms with air conditioning which would normally be set to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week are exempt from holiday scheduling and will continue to run as normal.
  • Teaching rooms managed through Syllabus Plus will also be unaffected by the partial shutdown.

Shutdown details

If you plan to come to work on either Wednesday 15 August or Monday 1 October, then please familiarise yourself beforehand with the location of the after-hours buttons for your work area. If an office or teaching space has an after-hours button then, where possible, the air conditioning has been scheduled off, but you can turn it on for successive 2 hour periods by pressing the button.


  • Email Danielle Shaffer at d.shaffer@uq.edu.au  prior to 13 August if you foresee problems with the scheduling proposed for your work area.
  • If there are any problems with air conditioning during these public holidays then please contact PF Assist on 336 52222 in the first instance or Security on 336 51234. There will be staff on standby to deal with scheduling issues or breakdowns.