Algal bloom at the UQ Lakes

9 Dec 2019

During 2019, a blue-green algal bloom has persisted in UQ’s main lake at the St Lucia campus, which combined with hot and dry weather, has recently also led to unpleasant odours in the vicinity. 

The UQ community are reminded to please avoid all contact with the lake waters and algae. Hazards associated with deliberate contact may include skin irritation and inflammation.

P&F has been working with relevant experts to develop a long-term solution to rectify the underlying causes of the lake’s health issues and achieve a self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem. The lake is a 70+ year old asset that has recently reached a tipping point that has led to these problems, similar to other urban water bodies around South East Queensland.

As a temporary measure, P&F is investigating the ability to mechanically remove as much of the floating algae as possible that has accumulated along some edges of the lake.

More information is available on the Sustainability webpage.


Helena Malawkin, Program Manager Environment and Sustainability

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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