St Lucia campus and remote sites partial air conditioning shutdowns

14 Apr 2020

As non-essential University staff migrate to working from home, P&F will be reducing air conditioning in order to align energy usage with this reduced occupancy.

View the details of the proposed shutdown for your building:

St Lucia (PDF, 332.9 KB)

Remote sites (PDF, 197.4 KB)

Shutdown details

  • Commencing Thursday 2 April and until further notice, there will be a partial shutdown of air conditioning to selected parts of buildings that have previously been a part of the Special University Leave shutdowns.
  • The areas selected for the shutdown are generally offices and teaching spaces.
  • Rooms with air conditioning which is normally set to run 24/7 are exempt from this shutdown and will continue to run normally.
  • During the shutdown period, air conditioning in all spaces will be periodically cycled on for several hours per week to maintain air turnover.
  • If you require ad hoc use of a space that has been scheduled off during this period, please use the after-hours push buttons to override this scheduling for 2 hour periods.


  • Please review the areas that will be shutdown and email Matthew Leditschke as soon as possible if you foresee problems with the scheduling proposed for your work area, or if you believe your work area can also be shutdown due to no occupancy.
  • If there are any problems with air conditioning during this period then please contact PF Assist on extension 52222 in the first instance, or Security on extension 51234. There will be staff on standby to deal with scheduling issues or breakdowns. 

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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