Introducing new fire safety initiatives in 2022

The UQ Fire Safety team are implementing a number of exciting changes for 2022 and beyond. These include updated online courses and a revamped Fire Extinguisher training course using the latest technology.

The fire extinguisher training courses will be delivered by a member of the Fire Safety team and will utilise the Flaim fully immersive/virtual reality extinguisher training system. Previously the training has been conducted outdoors and involved the discharging of suppressant into the environment as part of the practical component of the training. The location of the training meant that the course was impacted by weather conditions and caused cancellations and other issues.

The Flaim training system is utilised in a classroom environment and therefore can be conducted year-round regardless of the weather conditions. Further, as the system is computer based there is no longer any concerns with deploying suppressants into the atmosphere thereby further demonstrating UQ’s commitment to sustainability. There are over 30 different scenarios many of which can be applied to varied roles across UQ.

From January 2022 the Annual Fire Safety Awareness training course which is mandatory for all staff has been expanded to include our Mass Notification system which can deliver non-fire related emergency messages into UQ buildings via the evacuation system. These messages provide building occupants with an urgent notice about an emergency situation which is occurring in or near their building and what action they need to take. Currently, approximately half of the St Lucia campus has been connected with further buildings planned to be brought online as we progress through next year.

The mandatory annual Warden training which has been conducted in a face-to-face environment will move to an online course similar to the Annual Fire Safety Awareness training as of January 2022. This will allow all Emergency Wardens to complete the training at a time suitable to them prior to their buildings annual fire drill. By moving to an online format, it negates the inconvenience of postponing training due to issues like COVID lock downs. The annual Warden training course will also provide the user with an automated reminder 12 months after being done the same as other online courses in Workday.