Construction Update: Plant Growth Facility

21 Jan 2022

Construction works will continue for the Plant Grow Facility on the project site located at the corner of Glasshouse Rd and Services Road. Bulk Excavation and bored pier installation activities will progress during the following fortnight.

Affected Areas

  • Access impacts during material loading, large deliveries, truck movement and for safe work as required.
  • Works will be contained to the Plant Grow Facility site which will be subject to traffic control restriction during this time.
  • Noisy works will be occurring during this period.

Work details

21st of January 2022 to 4th February 2022

  • Bored pier installation
  • Bulk Excavation

Project details

The Plant Growth Facility (PGF) project will provide world-leading research facility that will contain an array of highly technical controlled environment rooms, capable of replicating a variety of environmental conditions to simulate natural conditions in a controlled and measurable manner.  The facility will also include a glasshouse on the roof deck for further plant science research capability.


Emmanuel Vasiliou, P&F Project Manager:

  • Call: +61 408 172 187
  • Email:

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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