UPS Testing at St Lucia

19 Jan 2022

Please be advised, there will be 6 monthly UPS testing to Precinct 4 at the St Lucia Campus as per preventative maintenance program attached


  • Start: Monday, 7 February 2022
  • Finish: Tuesday, 1 March 2022
  • Times: 6:00am to 2:30pm

Affected Areas

  • Centre for Advanced Imaging (57) – Rms 110, 123, 210A, 210, 319, 604
  • Gehrmann (60) – Rm 204A
  • Ritchie Research Lab (64A) – Rms C205B, C504, C701, A412
  • Sir William McGregor (64) – Rm 447
  • Skerman (65)  – Rm 201B
  • AIBN (75) – Rms 105, 116, 139, 228, 331, 352, 710
  • QBI (79) – Rms 102, 113, 414, 416A, 523, 623
  • QBP (80) – Rms N0.005, N1.023, N1.038, N2.023, N2.080, N3.024, N4.024, N5.024, N6.024, N6.029A, N7.017, N8.003, E2.170A,  S1.117, S1.205, S2.150, S3.265, S3.326, S4.287, S5.287, S5.290, S7.281, S8.214, W1.121, W2.003, W2.115, W2.119, W3.003, W3.104, W3.106, W3.117, W3.121, W4.003, W5.003, W6.003, W7.008

Work details

  • Visually inspect UPS equipment for loose cables and connections, burned insulation and any other signs of wear.
  • UPS filters to be checked and changed as required.
  • UPS equipment and enclosures to be vacuumed and cleaned.
  • Equipment to be infrared (IR) scanned. This will identify if any hot spots exist, and whether any loose connections on buss bars, wire connections and overloaded breakers and relays exist within the equipment.
  • All above maintenance tasks will be none invasive and unless repairs are needed, the UPS  won’t be switched off or placed into battery test. Internal bypass test will still be performed.


James Tindal, Brody Lucas, Supervisor

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience during this time. For more information on campus shutdowns, disruptions and road closures please refer to the Property and Facilities Division Road and buildings works page.

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