Network Outage: Foxtail (1019)

10 Oct 2022

Please be advised the contractor will be shutting down the distribution board in the Level 2 server room on the 15th of October. During this time, the shutdown will affect the power supply to the Level 2 Server room (209), and Level 4 Server Room (407) and network interruption to the whole building. The shutdown will be undertaken on a Saturday to minimise occupants' disruption.

Affected Area


  • Start: Saturday, 15 October 2022
  • Finish: Saturday, 15 October 2022
  • Times: 6.30am to 12:30pm (times are approximate)

Work details

  • Shut down of Level 2 distribution board
  • Power interruption to Level 2 Server room (209), including server rack
  • Power interruption to Level 4 Server room (407)
  • Network interruption to the whole building

Project details

Complete shutdown of Level 2 Server room distribution board as part of the Materials Characterisation project.


Kevin Park, Project Manager:

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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