Compressed Air and Vaccuum Services: Various Buildings

17 Nov 2022

Please be advised there may be disruptions to compressed air and vacuum services to the affected areas mentioned below,

Affected areas

Work details

  • These works are to allow routine services on compressors, dryers, vacuum pumps, and filtration replacement to be carried out as required.

Contractor Contact details

Name: David Roberts

  • Call: +61 459 060 222

For changes to proposed schedule, please contact within 48hrs of notification:

Name: Dianne Nicolazzo, Business Support Specialist:

UQ Property & Facilities Contact details

                Precinct 2

                Name: Jeremy Moynihan

                Mobile No: 0427 950365

                Email Address:

                Precinct 3

                Name: Robert Dore

                Mobile No: 0434 602 556

                Email Address:

                Precinct 4

                Name: Scott Newton

                Mobile No: 0456 929 995

                Email Address:


                Name: Taylor Jeffreys

                Mobile No: 0419 557 635

                Email Address:

Remote Sites

                Name: Steve Lawler

                Mobile No: 0418 189 996

                Email Address:

Long Pocket

                Name: Matt Schneider

                Mobile No: 0447 144 524

                Email Address:

Name: Petar Validzic

Mobile No: 0447 326 059

                Email Address:

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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