Receiver Inspections: Various UQ Buildings

12 Jan 2023

Please be advised there may be disruptions to compressed air and vacuum services to the affected areas mentioned below, to allow routine services on compressors, dryers, vacuum pumps, and filtration replacement to be carried out as required.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Due to the Christmas Shutdown period, this notification comes with delays.

Affected areas


Work details

Please take note these inspections are mandatory to remain compliant with Work Safe.

Each receiver inspection will take approximately 30-45 mins. The time of inspection will depend on access.
If further time is required to complete all receiver inspections, further time will be arranged in February 2023.

  • Only external inspections are due, however in the event a safety valve is required to be replaced, the air will need to be shutdown.

Contractor contact details

Name: David Roberts

  • Call: 0459 060 222

For changes to proposed schedule, please contact within 48hrs of notification

UQ Property & Facilities Contact details

Precinct 2

Name: Jeremy Moynihan

Mobile No: 0427 950365

Email Address:

Precinct 3

Name: Robert Dore

Mobile No: 0434 602 556

Email Address:

Precinct 4

Name: Scott Newton

Mobile No: 0456 929 995

Email Address:


Name: Taylor Jeffreys

Mobile No: 0419 557 635

Email Address:

Remote Sites

Name: Steve Lawler

Mobile No: 0418 189 996

Email Address:

Long Pocket

Name: Matt Schneider

Mobile No: 0447 144 524

Email Address:


Name: Petar Validzic

Mobile No: 0447 326 059

Email Address: