Fume Cupboard Service: Chemistry (68)

27 Feb 2023

There will be a fume cupboard service to Chemistry (68) in March to allow for the annual service and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Affected areas


Work details

Annual Maintenance of Fume Cupboards

Please note that in all buildings we will require access to plant rooms to service equipment.

To assist clients in the servicing of fume cupboards please find below information on what to expect during the annual service of a fume cupboard.

  1. During our service, each fume cupboard will be subjected to three different tests.
    1. A Face Velocity test to determine that the fume cupboardā€™s exhaust system is functioning correctly and removing hazardous fumes from the work space.
    2. An Illuminance test to make sure that the work space inside the fume cupboard is adequately lit.
    3. A Containment Test to ensure that no hazardous fumes are escaping the work space. All of these tests are performed according to the Australian Standard and enforced by the National Australian Testing Authority.

  1. In regard to decontaminating the fume cupboard we ask that wherever possible all hazardous chemicals are removed from the inside of the fume cupboard before the test and the area in front of the fume cupboard is kept clear and accessible. Where substances cannot be removed from the fume cupboard, we ask that you place the containers at least 50mm away from the back of the fume cupboard so that we have space to test the airflow. Our technicians will wear protective gear but wherever possible please wipe down the external work surface area to prevent any contamination.

  1. The testing portion of the service takes approximately one hour to complete, if the cupboard requires reprogramming it may take longer but the technicians will check in with you if they think it will take them any considerable amount of time to remedy any issues.

  1. The service should not impact any adjoining cupboards.

  1. We can allow for re-arrangement in the servicing schedule, if you have a fume cupboard that cannot be serviced at the proposed time or day that it is scheduled for, please speak directly to one of our team members and have an alternate date that we may be able to come back to it later. Alternatively, you can contact our office on +61 456 952 529 and we will alert to appropriate person to the change in scheduling.


To assist in stopping the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 I-Fab have the following measures in place;

  1. I-Fab employees will wash their hands before entering any worksite and after leaving. There are alcohol-based hand sanitisers in each of the I-Fab vehicles for employee use.
  2. I-Fab has a new system set in place that limits the amount of time that a technician is required to spend on site completing paperwork, to avoid any extended periods at site.
  3. All I-Fab employees should be using COVID Safe practices on work site and in their leisure time. If any client feels like an I-Fab employee is exhibiting signs of sickness, please call Administration immediately.

We stress to all clients that we are doing all we can to accommodate for the situation at hand and are always willing to take any measures the site has in place into our safety plan.


Hayley & Jayne Jones, Administration:

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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