Facade Replacement Works: Centre for Advanced Imaging (57) lookahead

8 Aug 2023

The Centre for Advanced Imaging (57) forms part of the UQ Façade Replacement Program. As part of these works the cladding on the CAI building will be replaced.

There is a requirement for temporary power to be established to the Contractors compound areas. The power is being drawn from existing distribution boards in the Gehrmann Labs and a lighting pole in the grass area adjacent CAI and the cricket field. This will require areas to be de-energised and all connecting services shutdown for a short period of time.

The cladding works to CAI are expected to continue until August 2024. 

Affected Area & Disruption



Grass Area Adjacent CAI – Power Pole 1CB3

  • Prep work – running cables / conduits

  • Power shutdown 11/08/23

All Day

630 – 7:30am

9/08/23 to 10/08/23


Gehrmann Lab Room 117 – Switchboard DB-CA

  • Prep work – running cables / conduits

  • Power shutdown
  • This shutdown will impact the following:
  • GPO’s in 121 (data riser) and 122 (mechanical plant room)
  • Lighting in 121 (data riser) and 122 (mechanical plant room)
  • 3 phase outlet in 121 (data riser)
  • GPO’s in 117 (mechanical plant room)
  • GPO’s in 115 (Instrument Room)

All Day

630 – 7:30am

17/08/23 to 18/08/23


Work details

St Lucia East Package – Centre for Advanced Imaging Façade Replacement.  Refer to the Façade Replacement Program webpage for more information.  

Project details


St Lucia (West Package) cladding replacement project.


Casey Fredrickson, Project Manager (Infrastructure):

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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