Facade Replacement Works: 74 High St Toowong (490) fortnightly lookahead

26 Sep 2023

Some disruption to 74 High Street Toowong (Building 490) for the Façade Replacement Program will continue as the contractor progresses with the replacement of the non-compliant combustible cladding scope of work.  These Works will cause some intermittent noise and there will be some exclusion zones to footpaths, roads and work zones at various times during these works; managed by the Contractor.

The cladding replacement works are expected to be complete by end October 2023. Ongoing communications will be provided to give regular updates regarding upcoming works.

Affected Areas

Duration & Time

Site Operations & Site Establishment

  • Material deliveries will use a number of car parks (allocated to the contractor for the Works).
  • Traffic Management to maintain access to rear car parking area at all times.
  • Pedestrian traffic management to footpath to maintain building access.
  • Cyclist and pedestrian access open and managed by traffic control for any closures.


High St Elevation (works within Scaffold zone)

  • Built to commence dismantle of scaffold (dayworks).
  • Scaffold dismantle will enable remainder of panel installation & silicone works to occur during the day.
  • Moderate, intermittent levels of noise expected.

25 September to 27 September 2023

High St Elevation (works from EWP)

  • Built to complete silicone to blade wall cladding above driveway entry.
  • Minor silicone works with little to no noise during works.
  • Works to take place via EWP with exclusion zone and spotters. Access / egress via driveway will be maintained. 

28 September to 2 October 2023

High St Elevation (works from EWP)

  • Built to commence reinstall of sunscreens to High St (dayworks).
  • Works to take place via EWP in closed lane with traffic control, exclusion zones and gantry still in place.
  • Moderate, intermittent levels of noise expected.

26 September to 6 October 2023

Please refer attached plans for mark up of affected areas (PDF, 1.4 MB) and lookahead (PDF, 452.4 KB).

Project details

Cladding replacement on the 74 High Street Building  forms part of the wider UQ Façade Replacement Program.

UQ Contact

Casey Fredrickson, Senior Project Manager (Infrastructure):

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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