Updated: Facade Replacement Works: General Purpose South (78) monthly lookahead

6 Sep 2023

General Purpose South (78) façade replacement works will commence soon with site fencing and scaffolding being installed to the northern elevation (Courtyard). This notification provides a fortnightly lookahead for upcoming works and will continue to be issued throughout the project. The project is expected to run from Late August 2023 to June 2024

Lookahead Dates:  28 August 2023 to 28 September 2023

Affected Area & Disruption



  • The general waste skip bin will be relocated during these works.
  • The car parks in the courtyard will be closed during these works.
  • The fire evacuation routes from AEB and GP South will remain open and accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • The external door at level 2 (courtyard side) which leads into room 207 / 207A will be closed and not accessible. [Note: we are reviewing options to make this accessible for April 2024 class requirements]

Project duration

Project duration

Courtyard Elevation:

  • Contractor to commence installing site fencing to courtyard area. Refer Figure 2 for Site compound fencing arrangement.

  • Contractor to commence installing scaffold to the northern side of GP South as per Figure 3 below. Courtyard will be closed for periods of time to enable scaffold erection.

The courtyard, including AEB shelving racks, Level 2 engineering laboratory spaces and gas cages will not be accessible during the following period/s:

  • 6 September 23 to 21 September 23.
  • Further dates TBC.
  • Alternative pedestrian and delivery routes to be used.

  • Contractor will have material deliveries to courtyard during scaffold build and fence installations.
  • Erection of the scaffold will create noise disruptions for both AEB and GP South building occupants.

06:30am – 05:00pm

30 August 2023

31 August 2023 to 28 September 2023



Level 2 Entry Closure

  • The Contractor will be installing two overhead gantries to protect the Level 2 Entry and the Tesla Batteries. These will be installed on the 19 September, refer to Figure 4 for more details.
  • Level 2 Entry will be closed for these works and pedestrians will be redirected to the Level 1 entry.

6:00am – 5:00pm

19 September 2023

Temporary Power Connection:

  • Contractor to install temporary power connection to Board ‘DB-M’. Isolation between 6am-8am on the 1/09/23.
  • Isolation will affect:
  • Fire Panel Level 2
  • 100A 3PH Sewage pump
  • External lighting
  • Switchboard room lighting and GPO’s
  • Relevant stakeholders will be informed.

6:00am – 8:00am

1 September 2023

Lakeside Elevation:

No works during this period.



Level 1 Fire door closure:

  • The contractor will require the level 1 door (Courtyard fire exit) to be closed during the duration of the project due to Scaffold and exclusion zones. Please see Figure 5 for revised fire evacuation route for this level. Directional and regulatory signage has been installed.

Project duration

Project duration

Figure 1: Site Layout Plan

Figure 2: Site Compound Permanent Set-Up

Figure 3: Courtyard Closure for Scaffold Build

Figure 4: Level 2 Entry Closure for Gantry Build

Figure:  Level 1 Fire exit door closed during works.

Project details

General Purpose South (78) Façade Replacement project. Refer to the Façade Replacement Program website for more information.


Johnny Hegerty, Principal Project Officer:

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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