Facade Replacement Works: Centre for Advanced Imaging (57) lookahead

5 Jan 2024

The Centre for Advanced Imaging Building forms part of the UQ Façade Replacement Program. The cladding replacement works are ongoing and the notification below provides a lookahead for upcoming disruptive works.

This cladding project is expected to be complete in August 2024.

Lookahead Timeframe: 8 January 2024 – 26 January 2024

Affected Area & Disruption



Centre for Advanced Imaging

Upper Roof

  • Cladding Replacement:
    • Installation of new panels is ongoing until mid-January 2024.
    • Movement of materials on roof may cause noise at the floor below.
    • Installation of panels may create intermittent noise during fixing.

6am – 5pm


South Façade (Building Main Entry)

  • Cladding Replacement at the building entry will remain accessible during weekday working hours. Works above the entry doorway will be completed out of hours. Works are expected to take place on a Saturday in early 2024.

6am – 5pm

Saturday Works (Complete in Early 2024)

North Elevation

  • Laneway between CAI and Gehrmann is closed for the duration of this project.
  • Scaffold build mostly complete in 2023. Commence cladding measures and demolition. This will cause intermittent noise during demolition of panels.

All Day

6am – 5pm



East Elevation

  • Pedestrian pathway remains open until mid-February.
  • Deliveries lifted onto gantry above loading dock. Majority of these deliveries to be completed before 8:30am where possible


Duration of the Project



West Elevation

  • Cladding installation complete to triangle soffits.
  • Scaffold to the South-West elevation will be removed by mid-January. While the scaffold is being removed there will be intermittent closures to the western footpath.


6am – 5pm


Complete by Mid-January

Figure 1 – Building Layout

Work details

St Lucia West Package – Centre for Advanced Imaging Façade Replacement.  Refer to the Façade Replacement Program webpage for more information.  

Project details


St Lucia (West Package) cladding replacement project.


Casey Fredrickson, Senior Project Manager:

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this time.

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