Facade Replacement Works: Otto Hirschfeld (81) lookahead

5 Jan 2024

The Otto Hirschfeld Building forms part of the UQ Façade Replacement Program. The cladding replacement works are ongoing and the notification below provides a lookahead for upcoming disruptive works.

This cladding project is expected to be complete in January 2024.

Lookahead Timeframe: 8 January 2024 – 26 January 2024

Affected Area & Disruption



Centre for Advanced Imaging

Front Entry

  • Cladding replacement is mostly complete with some minor works outstanding for completion in January 2024.
  • The scaffold has been dismantled.
  • Works to reinstate the gardens impacted by the cladding project will be undertaken in January 2024.

6am – 5pm


Back Entry / GAF Lab

  • Cladding replacement adjacent to the GAF Lab and around the lift to commence.
  • The Anatomy Lab door to be used as emergency exit only during works, see Figure 1 below.
  • These works will create intermittent noise from drills for cladding removal / install. There may also be a beeping noise during machinery use.
  • There will be some footpath closures required during works.

6am – 5pm

08/01/24 – 19/01/24

Contractor Laydown Area

  • The contractor will continue to use the materials laydown area as per Figure 2 below.

6am – 5pm

Project Duration

Figure 1: Anatomy Door Closed During Replacement Works

Figure 2: Contractor Laydown Area

Work details


There will be:

  • Noise from earthmoving plants
  • Exclusion zones (see attached images)
  • Drop off and footpath closures
  • Plant movements

St Lucia West Package – Otto Hirschfeld Façade Replacement.  Refer to the Façade Replacement Program webpage for more information.

Project details


St Lucia (West Package) cladding replacement project.


Casey Fredrickson, Senior Project Manager: