Permit applications, renewals and changes are managed online.

Permits are required to park in some areas on UQ campuses and sites. You don’t need to display a permit on your vehicle. Parking officers use license plate recognition technology to ensure that vehicles have a valid permit for relevant parking zones. 

UQ’s permit parking system is vPermit (Virtual Permit).

You must make sure the vehicle you’re driving to campus is active on your permit. Log into vPermit online or through the app to change your active vehicle.

Choosing a permit type

Please note that University funds cannot be used to purchase parking permits or to pay parking fines.

To apply for a permit you need to select the campus or site you want to park at, and the type of permit you need.

Many permits are for staff only, but some permits are available to students and visitors. Some permit types are only used at certain campuses.

To check which permits you’re eligible for and rates, see parking permit types.

To see the location of parking zones where permits are required, check the UQ parking maps.

Applying for a permit

You can apply for, renew and change your UQ parking permits online through vPermit.

Please note that parking permit applications are assessed during business hours, Monday to Friday. Please allow 3 business days for your parking permit application to be processed.  

Log in to vPermit

If you’re applying for a permit for the first time, you’ll need to register for vPermit.

If you have any questions regarding your parking permit application, please email PF Assist at

Waiting lists

There are a limited number of permits available. If the type of permit you want is not available, you can join the waiting list in vPermit (login required). While on the waiting list, you will need to use casual parking.

When a permit becomes available, vPermit will email the next person on the waiting list. If they don’t accept the offered permit in the specified timeframe, it will be sent to the next person on the list.

It is not possible to predict how long you may be on the waiting list, as it depends on when existing permits expire or are cancelled. 

The number of permits issued is restricted to minimise the possibility of permit holders arriving and being unable to find a car park. You may notice that more parking spaces are available on some days, as not all permit holders are on site every day.

Managing your permit

You can have up to 5 vehicles registered in vPermit at any one time.

Through vPermit, you can:

  • apply for and pay for your parking permit
  • salary sacrifice your permit
  • add or delete registrations
  • change your active registration online before arriving
  • update your details
  • cancel or renew your permit.

You can also change your active vehicle registration using the vPermit app, available from the Apple store and Android store. Select 'UQ' as the organisation and log in using the same email address and password you use to log in through the website.

For further information:

Cancelling permits while on leave

Staff who hold a parking permit may choose to cancel their permit when they take certain kinds of leave so they’re not continuing to pay while away from campus.

You can email PF Assist at, to temporarily cancel your permit if you're taking: 

  • extended leave of 90 days or more (e.g. maternity leave or long service leave) 
  • leave without pay. 

When you return to work, reapply for a permit. If there is a waiting list for the type of permit you want, join the waiting list in vPermit (login required), and then email PF Assist at to request that you be given priority. While on the waiting list you will need to use casual parking.

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