vPermit (Virtual Permit) is UQ’s permit parking system. All permit applications, renewals and changes to your active vehicle are completed online.

Login to vPermit

You are responsible for making sure the vehicle you are driving to campus is active on your permit. Log into vPermit online or through the app to change your active vehicle.

Many permits are for staff only. You can find out about the parking permit types, including the permits available to students and visitors.

Parking officers check for valid permits using mobile license plate technology as they drive around campus to ensure only permit holders are parking in permit-only areas. You can view parking maps for each UQ campus and site to find out where permits are required.

Using vPermit

You can have up to 5 vehicles registered in vPermit at any one time.

Through vPermit, you can:

  • apply for and pay for your parking permit
  • salary sacrifice your permit
  • manage your registration details
  • add registrations
  • change your active registration online before arriving
  • update your details
  • cancel or renew your permit.

You can also change your active vehicle registration using the vPermit app, available from the Apple store and Android store. Select UQ as the organisation and log in using the same email address and password you use to log in through the website.

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Waiting lists

If a campus’ permit list is full, the waiting list function for that permit type in the vPermit system will become available. Log into vPermit to use the waiting list function.

Permits and leave

If you are going on extended leave (90 days and over) or taking leave without pay, you can ask PF Assist to temporarily cancel your permit. PF Assist can add a note to the permit about your circumstances. Once you return, contact PF Assist and ask them to reactivate your permit.