Rideable transport

We encourage travel on bicycles, electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric scooters (e-scooters), as a cleaner, greener way to get to and around St Lucia campus.

To help you to ride safely and easily at UQ, we're implementing new transport initiatives that support a safe riding environment for both pedestrians and riders. 

These include creating the rideables network to help you find your way around, ensuring safe zones for pedestrians, and adding new locations to park shared devices so you can leave easily when you're done. 

Rideables network map

Our rideables network map helps you travel safely around the St Lucia campus.

Download the map to see:

  • recommended rideable paths
  • slow riding zones
  • dismount (no ride) areas
  • parking zones to drop off and pick up shared rideable devices.

Download the rideables map (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Shared rideable parking zones

We've got designated parking zones so you can drop off or pick up and go.

If you rode to campus on a shared rideable device, you'll find plenty of locations to drop it off for someone else to use, or pick up a device for your trip home. Look out for the purple, circular stickers indicating an e-mobility e-bike or e-scooter parking spot.

A purple circular sticker with an illustration of a bike, indicating where e-bikes can be parked on campus
e-mobility parking for shared e-bikes
Round purple sticker with an illustration of a scooter and a bicycle, indicating where you can park e-scooters and e-bikes on campus
e-mobility parking for shared e-bikes and e-scooters
Round purple sticker with an illustration of a scooter, indicating where you can park e-scooters on campus
e-mobility parking for shared e-scooters

Riding your own device to campus?

If you arrive on campus on your own bicycle, e-bicycle or e-scooter, secure parking is available in our existing bicycle parking and facilities.

E-mobility devices must only be secured outside buildings, in existing bike racks, bike boxes or bike storage rooms. Locations are indicated on UQ Maps.

Device charging 

Please note that charging e-mobility devices or their batteries on UQ sites is not permitted. In line with our commitment to e-mobility, UQ is actively developing safe and accessible onsite charging options as part of our future electrical infrastructure projects. It is important that any future onsite charging facilities meet the highest safety standards for our UQ community. Read the following safety alert about e-mobility devices on UQ sites.

Cycling to campus

Discover our cycling facilities, plan your trip with campus maps and check the rules for bicycle safety.

Safety on campus

To ensure the safety of riders and pedestrians while on campus, we've created the UQ riding guidelines.

These guidelines apply to riders of all active transport, including bicycles, e-scooters, e-bikes and shared ride services. 

See the UQ riding guidelines

UQ operates on private property, so some of the rules and regulations for riding devices may differ to Queensland Government rules.

Make sure you're familiar with the Queensland Government rules before you set off.

Queensland rideable rulesSharing the road with pedestrians

Travel by rideable or bus with a single app

Join the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) trial to get discounted travel.

During the trial, UQ staff and students can sign up for an ODIN PASS, which gives users access to multiple modes of transport – from e-scooters to buses – through a single app.

MaaS aims to give users convenient, affordable access to sustainable transport options, and to understand what types of transport are most popular.

Learn more about the MaaS trial

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