To ensure the safety of you, other riders and pedestrians, follow the UQ riding guidelines.

Check before riding

Prior to your journey, check that your device is in good working order and properly maintained.

Protect yourself

Wear a helmet and other protective equipment. Always make yourself visible at night: wear reflective gear, or add a light to your device.

Pedestrians rule

Always give way to pedestrians and slow down when on crowded paths.


Follow road and riding signs. Don't ride into no-go zones, and observe campus dismount zones – these are marked on campus with 'No riding: please dismount' signs.

See an example of a campus dismount zone sign

Sharing is caring

Be considerate when riding on shared zones and show courtesy to fellow riders and pedestrians.

Mind the traffic

Be careful if choosing to ride on roads – cars are bigger than you!

Park it

Park your device in designated parking zones. Blocking footpaths and clogging public spaces is not cool.

Follow the loop

UQ has created a rideable network for the St Lucia campus. When riding around, St Lucia campus, follow the rideable network, ride on designated roads and paths, and follow the established on-campus speed limits.

Check the rideable network map (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Don’t drink and ride

Riding under the influence of alcohol is against the law.

No tandem riding

e-scooters and similar devices are strictly for single person use only. Don't put yourself and your friends at risk.

Flag it

If you have an accident, use the UQ SafeZone app to get help. If you see a hazard, let us know: report it via the UQ Safe app.

Mind the rules, it’s the law

Follow Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane City Council and UQ road rules where applicable. These rules are made to keep you and others safe.