UQ SafeZone is a free smartphone app that connects staff and students with Security and emergency services during a first-aid or emergency situation on UQ campuses and sites.

You will need internet access on your mobile device to run UQ SafeZone.

How SafeZone works

UQ SafeZone allows you to make an emergency call to Security and instantly give them your location. You can also make first-aid calls for medical attention and calls for general help such as finding the location of lecture theatres if you are lost or have been locked out of your room.

The app sends your location to Security so they can respond immediately.

Find out more about SafeZone, including:

  • real-time tracking for the safety bus, Long Pocket shuttle and intercampus bus
  • campus notifications
  • working alone feature
  • wellbeing assistance, including links to support services like Lifeline
  • using the app to report sexual misconduct.

Downloading and registering

You can download the UQ SafeZone app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Install the app and run through the sign-up procedure to register for the UQ campus or site you attend.

Coverage areas

UQ SafeZone is restricted to specific areas on UQ campuses and sites. If you are within the defined area and using the app, Security can respond to your alarm or call.

If you use UQ SafeZone outside of the specific UQ areas, the app will tell you to call the 000 emergency number.

These areas are:

Your phone settings

The app will ask you to change some of your phone configuration settings while you install it.

Location services must be turned on to use the SafeZone app. SafeZone's use of location services has been designed to minimise battery use. UQ SafeZone respects your privacy and does not track your location until you press the Alert or Check-In buttons.Please read the SafeZone's privacy policy for more information.