A free bus service runs between St Lucia and Gatton campus for UQ staff and students.

Prior to boarding, all passengers must present to the driver either:

  • your booking confirmation; or
  • a temporary pass supplied by your respective school or director. These can be obtained through the UQ Fleet Office.

We highly recommend you book a seat at least one day before your journey.

Please note that the intercampus bus may not be UQ branded. Our subcontracted supplier, Belbaker Bus Charter, are white in colour with their own branding on all sides.

Timetable and route

The intercampus bus runs from Monday to Friday each week. The bus doesn’t run on state public holidays, but does run on local public holidays (e.g. show holidays).

Travel times can vary depending on traffic conditions. Please arrive at least five minutes early and hail the driver.

All passengers are required to use their UQ ID card to tap on and off the bus. Ring the bell if you want to get off at the next stop.

Download 2024 timetable and route information (PDF, 786.3 KB)

Real-time tracking and delays

On occasion, the intercampus bus may run late due to traffic congestion, breakdowns etc.

We recommend downloading the UQ SafeZone app which will allow you track the location of the bus in real time. To track the bus' location, go to ‘Buses’ in the menu and you’ll see the bus in motion via a live GPS feed direct from the bus. This can save you waiting for long periods at a bus stop when there may be a safer, more comfortable location nearby.

Eastbound timetable (Gatton to St Lucia)

Effective from 2 January to 20 December 2024

Some stops are set down only. The bus will drop off passengers at these stops. Ring the bell when the bus departs from the stop before your destination.

Stop nameStop locationMorningMorningAfternoonAfternoon
Gatton campusGymnasium (opposite the swimming pool)5.40am8.10am2.25pm5pm
Gatton campusMain Drive, Yellow-signed bus stop5.45am8.15am2.30pm5.05pm
Glenore GroveGlenore Grove Crossroads5.50am8.18am2.33pm5.08pm
Plain LandBus stop outside Schulte’s Meat Tavern5.57am8.22am2.37pm5.12pm
Hatton ValeBus stop opposite Summerholm Road exit6am8.27am2.42pm5.17pm
MindenLowood Minden Road bus stop6.07am8.34am2.49pm5.24pm
HaigsleaBus stop opposite hotel6.12am8.39am2.54pm5.29pm
DinmoreMason Lane, northern side of Dinmore railway station platforms6.34am8.57am3.12pm5.47pm
Mt OmmaneyBus stop 4, Roundabout (underneath Western Freeway)N/AN/ASet downSet down
IndooroopillyBus stop Platform C, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Bus InterchangeN/AN/ASet downSet down
St LuciaChancellor’s Place outside QBP   7.25am9.38am3.50pm6.30pm

Westbound timetable (St Lucia to Gatton)

Effective from 2 January to 20 December 2024

The 7.35am St Lucia to Gatton service is frequently delayed due to traffic conditions. If you need to attend a 9am lecture or meeting at Gatton, you should consider catching the earlier bus at 6.15am.

Stop nameStop locationMorningMorningAfternoonAfternoon
St Lucia  Chancellor’s Place outside QBP 6.15am7.30am2.30pm5pm
IndooroopillyBus stop Platform C, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Bus Interchange6.25am7.42amN/AN/A
Mt OmmaneyBus stop 4, Sinnamon Park (off ramp Western Freeway)6.35am7.52amN/AN/A
DinmoreMason Lane, northern side of Dinmore railway station platforms6.55am8.05am3pm5.40pm
HaigsleaBus stop opposite hotel7.10am8.23am3.18pm5.58pm
MindenMinden Crossroads7.15am8.28am3.23pm6.03pm
Hatton ValeBus stop opposite Summerholm Road exit7.20am8.35am3.30pm6.10pm
Plain LandBus stop outside Plainland Hotel7.23am8.38am3.33pm6.13pm
Glenore GroveGlenore Grove Crossroads7.27am8.41am3.37pm6.16pm
Gatton campusMain Drive, Yellow-signed bus stop7.30am8.45am3.40pm6.20pm
Gatton campusGymnasium (opposite the swimming pool)7.32am8.47am3.42pm6.22pm

How to book a seat

UQ staff and students have to book a seat at least one day before their journey. Unfortunately, we can’t accept bookings made on the day of travel.

Before you make a booking, here’s some advice:

  • choose the correct direction of travel: eastbound or westbound
  • click on your preferred time and day, and enter the number of passengers travelling
  • you can book multiple trips in one booking
  • the intercampus bus makes stops between St Lucia and Gatton. There’s no need to choose which stop you’ll be at – just select your direction of travel.
  • make sure you click ‘Submit booking’ when your booking is complete

Make a booking

How to cancel a booking

After you book a seat on the intercampus bus, a booking confirmation will be emailed to you.

If you can’t catch the bus as planned, please cancel your reservation through the booking confirmation email:

  • click ‘Clear’ on the journey you want to cancel
  • make sure the icon changes to a red cross
  • under ‘Number of Passengers’ type 0
  • click ‘Update booking’ at the bottom of the page.

See an example of how to cancel a booking (screenshot)

Terms and conditions

The intercampus bus is managed by the Property and Facilities Division and operated by Belbaker Group PTY LTD. Terms and conditions of use are as follows:

  • the intercampus bus service is restricted to UQ staff and students. It is not a public service
  • passengers must use their UQ ID card to tap on and off the bus each time
  • all passengers are required to fasten their seat belt if one is available when travelling
  • UQ staff and students are required to use the online booking system to book their trip at least a 24hrs prior to their journey
  • the intercampus bus service does not operate on state public holidays but will operate on local public holidays (i.e. Gatton, Brisbane or Ipswich Show Days)

Any non-UQ personnel requiring to travel to Gatton or St Lucia can use public transport. For more information visit the Translink website.