A free safety bus runs on the St Lucia campus after 6pm all year, Monday to Friday (except Christmas to New Year and public holidays).

Gatton campus does not have a safety bus, but you can find out more about your personal safety at Gatton by:

Timetable and routes

Two routes, red and green, cover St Lucia's:

  • car parks
  • colleges
  • CityCat terminal
  • Sir Fred Schonell Drive to Gailey Road.

You can view the safety bus stops, or download the St Lucia Play it safe at UQ brochure (PDF, 1 MB) for:

  • full route maps
  • map references
  • preferred pedestrian paths for night-time travel
  • more information about your personal safety at St Lucia.

Red route

During semester, the red route runs:

  • Monday to Thursday, 6.05pm to 10.25pm
  • Friday, 6.05pm to 9.05pm.

During semester break, the red route runs Monday to Friday, 6.05pm to 9.05pm.

This service does not run during the Christmas and New Year break or on public holidays.

Bus stop number and building name Monday to Friday Monday to Thursday only
1 - University Drive Duhig Building (Library) 6.05pm 6.45pm 7.25pm 8.05pm 8.45pm 9.25pm 10.05pm
2 - Schonell Theatre 6.08pm 6.48pm 7.28pm 8.08pm 8.48pm 9.28pm 10.08pm
3 - CityCat Ferry Terminal 6.11pm 6.51pm 7.31pm 8.11pm 8.51pm 9.31pm 10.11pm
4 - The Women's College 6.12pm 6.52pm 7.32pm 8.12pm 8.52pm 9.32pm 10.12pm
5 - Duchesne College 6.13pm 6.53pm 7.33pm 8.13pm 8.53pm 9.33pm 10.13pm
6 - Staff House Road 6.16pm 6.56pm 7.36pm 8.16pm 8.56pm 9.36pm 10.16pm
7 - Molecular Biosciences Plaza 6.18pm 6.58pm 7.38pm 8.18pm 8.58pm 9.38pm 10.18pm
8 - Cooper Road 6.19pm 6.59pm 7.39pm 8.19pm 8.59pm 9.39pm 10.19pm
9 - Emmanuel College 6.22pm 7.02pm 7.42pm 8.22pm 9.02pm 9.42pm 10.22pm
11 - Chancellor's Place 6.25pm 7.05pm 7.45pm 8.25pm 9.05pm 9.45pm 10.25pm
Off-campus St Lucia 6.26pm 7.06pm 7.46pm 8.26pm 9.06pm 9.46pm 10.26pm

Green route

During semester, the green route runs Monday to Thursday, 6.10pm to 10.50pm.

This service does not run during semester break, the Christmas and New Year break or on public holidays.

Bus stop number and building name Monday to Thursday
1 - University Drive Duhig Building (Library) 6.10pm 6.40pm 7.10pm 7.40pm 8.10pm 8.40pm 9.10pm 9.40pm 10.10pm 10.40pm
13 - Multi-level car park P4 6.14pm 6.44pm 7.14pm 7.44pm 8.14pm 8.44pm 9.14pm 9.44pm 10.14pm 10.44pm
14a - Grace College entrance 6.16pm 6.46pm 7.16pm 7.46pm 8.16pm 8.46pm 9.16pm 9.46pm 10.16pm 10.46pm
11 - Chancellor's Place 6.18pm 6.48pm 7.18pm 7.48pm 8.18pm 8.48pm 9.18pm 9.48pm 10.18pm 10.48pm
Off-campus St Lucia 6.20pm 6.50pm 7.20pm 7.50pm 8.20pm 8.50pm 9.20pm 9.50pm 10.20pm 10.50pm

Real-time tracking and delays

The timetables are approximate only as the bus may be a few minutes late if there are many people getting on and off.

We recommend downloading the UQ SafeZone app, which will let you track the location of the bus in real time.

To track the bus’s location, go to ‘Buses’ in the menu and you’ll see the bus in motion via a live GPS feed direct from the bus. This can save you waiting for long periods at a bus stop when there may be a safer, more comfortable location nearby.

Download the UQ SafeZone app