Casual paid parking at PACE (Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence) applies 24 hours a day for all visitors without a staff permit or ticket validated by clinic reception. Payment can be made using the CellOPark app.

Casual parking zone (Level 2)

Who can use it: Visitors and clinic clients, excluding motorcycles


  • $5 per hour (maximum daily fee $40)
  • Clinic reception will validate your ticket for free parking if you are a clinic client.

Orange zone (motorcycles)

Traffic sign with text University of Queensland, Orange Zone, 1472003, motorcycle parking casual and permit at all times

Who can use it: everyone parking a motorcycle


  • $1 per day

Persons With Disability (PWD)

Persons With Disability parking

Who can use it: Anyone displaying an Australian or Red Disability Parking Permit


  • PWD bays are located on each level of the PACE carpark near the lifts. You can validate your ticket for free parking with the clinic reception.
  • There is also a PWD bay located before the boom gated area.

Cost: Free

Find out more information about accessible parking.