Casual paid parking at PACE (Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence) applies 24 hours a day for all visitors without a staff permit or ticket validated by clinic reception. You must pay for parking prior to exiting in order to validate your ticket and exit the boom gated carpark.

The payment machine at PACE is located on Level 2 and accepts cash only.

Any time spent parking after 6pm will incur the full $20 flat fee.

Casual parking zone (Level 2)

Who can use it: Visitors and clinic clients, excluding motorcycles


  • If you stay in the parking zone after 6pm and before 7am, even for a short time, you will be charged a $20 flat fee.
  • Clinic reception will validate your ticket for free parking if you are a clinic client.


  • 7am-6pm: $5 per hour
  • 6pm-7am: $20 flat fee

Orange zone (motorcycles)

Traffic sign with text University of Queensland, Orange Zone, 1472003, motorcycle parking casual and permit at all times

Who can use it: everyone parking a motorcycle


  • 7am-6pm: $5 per hour
  • 6pm-7am: $20 flat fee

Persons With Disability (PWD)

Persons With Disability parking

Who can use it: Anyone displaying an Australian or Red Disability Parking Permit


  • PWD bays are located on each level of the PACE carpark near the lifts. You can validate your ticket for free parking with the clinic reception.
  • There is also a PWD bay located before the boom gated area.

Cost: Free

Find out more information about accessible parking.