Parking is available at our Long Pocket site for students, staff and visitors.

Parking at Long Pocket is free, but some zones require a permit.

Look for the signs to check the zone and which rates and conditions apply.

For more information:

Green zone

  • Permit parking
  • Restricted to staff and others with a permit.

Permit types and rates

Blue zone

  • Park for up to 3 hours.

Who can use it

Students, staff and visitors (excluding motorcycles and mopeds).

Pink zone (UQ staff and student commuter car park – permit only)

  • Park at Long Pocket and commute to St Lucia
  • Permit required.

Who can use it

UQ students and staff.

Orange zone (motorcycles)

Traffic sign with text University of Queensland, Orange Zone, 1472003, motorcycle parking casual and permit at all times

Who can use it

Everyone parking a motorcycle or moped.

Persons With Disability (PWD)

Traffic sign with wheelchair symbol

Who can use it

Anyone displaying an Australian or red disability parking permit.

Find out more information about accessible parking.



UQ fleet vehicles

UQ fleet vehicles can park in any zone, but must follow any other relevant parking rules.

Service and commercial vehicles

Traffic sign with text Loading Zone, service and commercial vehicles only, 2 hours max, 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, all other valid permits allowed at other times

Who can use it

  • Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm: any service and commercially registered vehicles
  • Monday to Friday after 6pm: anyone with a valid UQ permit.


  • Maximum 2 hours
  • Service and maintenance vehicles can also use loading zones (maximum 30 minutes, unless otherwise signed)
  • Construction contractors and sub-contractors cannot use these spaces.

Short-term loading vehicles

Traffic sign with text Loading Zone, 30 minutes max, at all times

Who can use it

  • Everyone.


  • Maximum 30 minutes, including after 6pm and weekends
  • Do not use for collecting or delivering assignments or letters.