Casual Parking at UQ must be paid on arrival. How you pay for casual parking at UQ depends on where you park.

At St Lucia, you pay using either CellOPark or the Pay by Plate machines. Signs in each zone will tell you which system to use and how to pay. 

At Herston and PACE, you pay using CellOPark.  

Other campuses and sites don't have paid casual parking.


CellOPark is a parking payment system run through a free smartphone app. The app allows you to pay for parking quickly and eliminates the need to display paper tickets. Your vehicle registration is recorded when you start a parking session and is used by UQ Parking Officers to check if there is an active parking session for your car.


You can register for CellOPark:

If you are a staff member parking at Herston, ensure you add your UQ username to your CellOPark profile so you can park in restricted areas. Contractors cannot park in this space.


Payments for parking sessions are taken automatically from your selected payment method:

  • credit or debit card – full fee is deducted monthly
  • pre-paid card – fee is taken at the end of the session.

Pre-paid cards

Pre-paid cards can be bought at CellOPark online.

Avoid unnecessary fees and charges

Avoid unnecessary fees and charges by ending your session at the right time, keeping your information up to date and following these zone-specific instructions:

  • Hourly zones: make sure you stop your session when you are finished parking.
  • All day zones: you will be charged the full day rate if you do not correct errors or cancel within 10 minutes.

If you forget to stop the app, your parking session will be capped at a rate depending on the zone you are in:

  • Daily or capped zones: capped at the daily rate
  • Red zone (14P hourly): capped at $25 per day.

Starting your session


  1. Open the CellOPark app.
  2. Select your location.
  3. Enter your vehicle registration number.
  4. Press start.

When you return to your vehicle, remember to hit stop to end the session.


You must have caller ID enabled so the CellOPark system can identify you.

  1. Call CellOPark.
  2. Select the vehicle you wish to park.
  3. Enter the seven-digit zone number on the parking sign and confirm your session.
  4. Call again to end your session.


  1. Log into your account on the CellOPark website.
  2. Go to the ‘Live Parking’ tab.
  3. Select your location (UQ).
  4. Enter the seven-digit zone number on the parking sign and your vehicle registration number.
  5. Press start.

When you want to end your session, press stop.

CellOPark support

You can contact CellOPark if you need help with:

  • the app not working or if it is not compatible with your phone
  • starting or stopping a session
  • the CellOPark website
  • CellOPark charges.

For all other parking questions, contact PF Assist.

Pay by Plate machines

To pay for your parking using a Pay by Plate machine, enter your vehicle registration number and specify how long you want to park. All Pay by Plate machines are cashless and accept both Visa and MasterCard.

On the UQ St Lucia campus parking map (PDF, 789.4 KB), the yellow boxes with the zone number and “PAY” indicates the location and the zone of the Pay by Plate machines at St Lucia campus.


Five car parks do not have Pay by Plate machines. Use CellOPark to pay at:

  • P11 (Level 3)
  • P12 on College Road
  • P7 UC (under cover) Grey Zone
  • Herston campus
  • PACE campus.


When you enter your details into a Pay by Plate machine, you will be asked if you want an e-receipt. If you select Yes, you will be given the website and a receipt code.

Enter the receipt code and plate number on the website and press "Get Receipt" to view your e-receipt.

If you need a receipt but did not get one at the time of parking, contact PF Assist and provide your registration information.