Paying for infringements

You can pay for infringements online with the UQ Infringement Payment Gateway. University funds cannot be used to pay for parking infringements or to purchase parking permits.

To pay your fine, enter your registration number and the infringement number.

To view your infringement history, enter your registration number and state.

You can also lodge and manage appeals using the Infringement Payment Gateway.

Lodging an infringement appeal

If you believe there may be cause for your infringement to be waived, you can lodge a written appeal through UQ's Infringement Payment Gateway. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days of the infringement date.

To lodge an appeal, you can either:

If you want to include additional information with your appeal, you can complete a Infringement Appeal Form (DOCX, 48.5 KB) or provide other supporting evidence, such as photographs, screenshots or transaction receipts. Upload any supporting evidence with your appeal.

You will receive a letter about the outcome of the appeal decision approximately 2 to 3 weeks after you lodge the appeal.

Unpaid infringements

You have 28 days from the date of issue shown on the infringement notice to choose one of the options offered on the reverse of the notice. If you do not choose an option within 28 days, the University reserves the right to start a prosecution against you in a Magistrates Court.

You will be responsible for obtaining your own legal advice before the court hearing. If found guilty of the offence, you may be fined and required to pay additional costs. If you do not appear on the date set for the hearing, the offence may be heard in your absence.

Alternatively, UQ will:

  • Search the registration of the offending vehicle in the Queensland Transport vehicle database to find the name and address of the registered owner. A Reminder Notice is then forwarded to the owner of the vehicle.
  • Wait a further 28 days before referring the matter to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for collection. The University pays an upfront fee for this service which is then added to the total amount outstanding to the Registry. You may be required to pay additional fees and SPER may take any of the following actions:
    • Suspend your driver’s license, or your ability to obtain a driver’s license.
    • Give a Fine Collection Notice to your bank ordering the transfer of money from your bank account.
    • Give a Fine Collection Notice to your employer ordering the deduction of money from your wages.
    • Give an Enforcement Warrant to an Enforcement Officer to seize and sell your property.
    • Give an Arrest and Imprisonment Warrant to a police officer.

Denying liability

If you were served with a Reminder Notice as the owner of the offending vehicle, you are taken to have committed the offence. You may deny liability for the offence by providing a Statutory Declaration stating that the vehicle:

  • was being used illegally
  • was being used by another person (nominated by you)
  • was being used by another person you cannot identify
  • has been sold or otherwise disposed of.

If your Statutory Declaration is received within 28 days and the actual offender can be identified, a prosecution may be undertaken against them instead of you. If the actual offender can't be identified, a prosecution against you may be continued in a Magistrates Court.

Download a Statutory Declaration form (PDF, 15.5 KB).