The University of Queensland’s traffic and parking regulations are defined and regulated under:

If you breach the regulations, you may receive an infringement notice. University funds cannot be used to purchase parking permits or to pay parking infringements.

Parking regulations

Parking regulations apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • When paid parking applies, you must pay to park from 7am until 9pm Monday to Friday, including semester breaks and mid-semester breaks.
  • Parking is free on weekends, public holidays, and from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day (25 December to 1 January). All other parking rules and regulations still apply and must be observed.

You should park only in the appropriate places:

  • Do not park facing approaching traffic (on the wrong side of the road).
  • If an area is not obviously signed to allow parking, then it is not a parking area.
  • Do not park on grassed areas.

Parking regulations are enforced on all UQ campuses and sites:

  • License plate recognition technology is used for parking enforcement.
  • Speed limits on campus are enforced by the Queensland Police Service.

Parking signs and lines

Casual parking signs

the sign for casual parking signs

All casual parking signs have both a zone number and zone colour.

The zone number is used to identify your location when starting a session with CellOPark.

The zone colour is used to identify how much you will pay when using the CellOPark app.

The number before the P refers to the number of hours that paid parking is allowed in that area. For example, '14P' means paid parking is allowed for up to 14 hours. The words underneath tell you what type of rates apply, such as ‘hourly’ or 'all day' (capped daily rates).

Each zone also has signs with information about registering and paying using CellOPark.

Yellow chevrons

Road surface with painted yellow chevrons on it

Yellow chevrons mean no stopping at any time.

They are installed for safety reasons such as ramp access or emergency exits.

Yellow lines

A street featuring a yellow line along the curb

Yellow lines mean no stopping, usually on the side of the road. This also means no parking beyond the verge or on the grass anywhere next to a line.