If you have lost something and it isn't where you left it, someone may have handed it in to Lost Property.

Report lost property

Report your missing item to PF Assist by email or phone as soon as you can, and include:

  • your name
  • contact number
  • a description of the item
  • where the item was last seen
  • when you noticed the item was missing.

Perishables such as food are thrown away, as are:

  • water bottles
  • lunchboxes
  • cooler bags
  • any container the food was in.

All other items are kept for at least 2 months, including:

  • valuables
  • keys
  • bicycles.


Students can report lost keys and hand in found keys to PF Assist or after hours to Security. Staff can report lost, found and old or obsolete keys to their Department Key Custodian or PF Assist.

Provide PF Assist or Security with details of lost and found keys, including when and where the key was last seen.

ID cards

Found ID cards should be turned in to PF Assist as lost property. You should report a lost access card to PF Assist as soon as you notice it's gone so the card access can be disabled.

St Lucia

Contact PF Assist with the details of your missing item. If PF Assist has your item, you can pick it up between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

You will need to prove you own the item by giving a description of it and providing photographic ID (such as a driver's licence).

PF Assist may ask you to sign for the release of the item.

Claiming lost bicycles

To retrieve a lost bicycle, you will need to:

  • visit PF Assist
  • describe the bicycle
  • provide photographic ID (such as a driver's licence)
  • get a signed PF636 Lost Property claim form from PF Assist.

PF Assist will then ask you to take the completed form to a location somewhere on campus to collect your bicycle.

Found property

You can give found property to PF Assist at the Prentice Building (Building 42) on St Lucia campus.

Outside office hours, lost property can be handed in to Security.


You can hand in lost property to Gatton Security at the NW Briton Administration Building (Building 8101) on Gatton campus.

Gatton Security holds lost property for 2 to 3 months before sending it to PF Assist for disposal.

Contact Gatton Security to pick up lost property. If 3 months has passed, the property is returned to PF Assist for disposal. Contact PF Assist to see if the property is still available for collection. If it is available, PF Assist will make arrangements for your item to be returned to Gatton for collection.


You can hand any lost property at Herston to a security officer or the Student Hub, Level 5, Oral Health Centre (Building 0883). Contact PF Assist to arrange for your item to be returned.

Long Pocket

You can hand in lost property at the She-Oak Building (Building 1019B) (PDF, 512.5 KB) at Long Pocket.

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Lost property after hours contact:

Property and Facilities

Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.