ID cards can be issued to UQ staff, students, contractors, affiliates and visitors.

Your UQ ID card is your access card. It can provide access to buildings and rooms, and can let you print and photocopy using your online account and loan items from the library.

If you find a lost card, return it to lost property.

The card must be produced if requested by Security and remains the property of The University of Queensland.

Print locations

You can get new or replacement ID cards at:

These offices are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.


You are eligible for your new student ID card 24 hours after you have completed all of your SI-net tasks and you have enrolled in your subjects.

When you collect your card, you will need to bring your:

  • government-issued identification, such as a passport or drivers licence
  • student number, which is on your letter of offer.

The name on your letter of offer has to match the name on your proof of identification. Read the UQ Student Identification Cards Policy [3.40.09].

You can either come to one of the print locations and we will take your photo and print your ID card for you, or you can choose to have your ID card pre-printed using your own photo.

Provide your own photo

If you want to use your own photo on your ID card:

  1. Log in to CaptureMe.
  2. Upload your own image.
  3. We will tell you if it is approved or if you need a different photo.
  4. Once it's approved, collect it from the print locations.

Replacing your card

If your student ID card has been lost, stolen or destroyed – or if it contains incorrect information – you can apply for a replacement. You will need to return your old student ID card if possible.

If you have lost your ID Card, contact PF Assist before paying for a replacement as it may have been handed in to lost property.

Expired cards

If your card has expired because your graduation semester has changed, you can get a replacement card 24 hours after you have:

  • updated your expected graduation semester in SI-net, and
  • enrolled in your new subjects.

Come to one of the print locations and bring your old ID card with you.

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards

Complete a Request for Replacement ID form (PDF, 229KB) if:

  • your ID card has been stolen (and you have a police report)
  • your card was lost, destroyed or damaged
  • you have changed your name (include official evidence of your name change).

Email, post, or take your completed form to one of the print locations.

If required, pay the replacement fee:

You can then collect your replacement ID from one of the print locations.

Replacement fees

The replacement is free when:

  • your card has been stolen (and you have a police report)
  • your graduation semester has changed
  • the University made a mistake when issuing your card, or
  • you have changed your name.

You will have to pay the $20 replacement fee if:

  • you want to update your photo, or
  • your card has been lost, damaged or destroyed.

The replacement fee can be paid:

External students

If you’re an external student and you can’t attend a campus to collect your new or replacement ID card, you will need to:

  1. Complete the External Student ID Card Declaration form (PDF, 131KB)
  2. Email or mail this form to PF Assist.

Once your request is processed and approved, your card will be posted to you.

Staff, contractors and visitors

New staff are eligible for an ID card 48 hours after you have:

  • been activated within the HR systems
  • completed the online induction.

To collect a new card:

  1. Complete the PF632 ID and Generic Card Request form (PDF, 230KB).
  2. Take government-issued identification, such as a passport or drivers licence.
  3. Go to the nearest print location.

Your Department Card Custodian can assign building access privileges to your card at your request. If you aren't sure who this is, contact PF Assist.

Replacing your card

To replace a staff ID card, go to any of the print locations with a completed PF632 ID and Generic Card Request form (PDF, 230KB).

If you are returning to work after a period of time, ensure your records have been updated in the HR systems at least 48 hours before you collect your card.

Using your ID card

We recommend that you keep your ID card in a plastic sleeve on a clip or lanyard. If you keep your card in a wallet with other cards (such as EFTPOS cards, or cards with data chips or magnetic strips) it may interfere with the capability for the card to be read.

When you replace your old ID card, your details will be transferred across automatically. Some features, such as using the printers, may take 24 hours to transfer across.

Accessing locked buildings and rooms

Once you have received access to buildings and rooms, your ID card acts as your key. Hold your ID card against the black control reader and wait for the light to turn green and the door to unlock.

Printing, scanning and copying

For equipment that use card readers for their operation (such as printers, scanners and photocopiers), hold your ID card against the reader. This connects the machine with your print account or user ID. You can find out more about printing, scanning and copying at the Library.

Borrowing library items

Use your ID card and follow the instructions on the autoloan machines at the UQ library.

If you have gotten a replacement ID card, your card details will be uploaded to the library system the next business day.

If you are a staff member or a student who needs to borrow from the library before then, you can give your card to Library staff to manually add the information to your library record.

Using UQ Sport facilities

If you are a UQ Sport member, hold your ID card against the turnstile reader. If successful, the light will turn green, and the turnstile will turn on and unlock.

ID cards can also be used at UQ Sport self-check-in kiosks.

If you have gotten a replacement ID card, your card details will be uploaded to the Library system the next business day.

If you need to use UQ Sport before then, give your card to UQ Sport staff to manually add the information to your record.

Bicycle store access

ID cards can be used for end of trip facilities such as Bike Boxes. Find out how to apply for access to Bike Boxes and lockers.

Collecting personal information

The University of Queensland collects personal information from individuals and third parties to discharge its functions, including teaching and research, and for student and staff administration.

Information collected at the time of receiving an ID Card, including photographic images, is stored in UQ systems.

Read the UQ Privacy Management Policy [1.60.02] to find out more about why we collect information, and how it is used and disclosed.