ID cards can be issued to UQ staff, contractors and affiliates.

Students should request an ID card on the my.UQ site

1. Request a staff, contractor or affiliate card

    You'll be asked to upload:

    • a government-issued document (such as your passport) to confirm your identity
    • a photo that meets our requirements.

    See conditions of use to learn about why we collect this information, how it's used and alternatives for uploading government documents online.

    Choose a photo

    We only accept photos that meet our requirements.

    Your photo must: 

    • clearly show your face and upper shoulders
    • have a plain white or light-coloured background
    • have you facing straight at the camera (no side angles)
    • be in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

    Don't submit photos:

    • with accessories or hair that block your face (religious headwear is fine)
    • with a busy or distracting background
    • taken from an inappropriate angle (such as side-on)
    • with hand signs or props
    • with other people visible 
    • where you're too far away from the camera
    • that are blurry
    • that are edited (such as using filters or re-touching software).

    UQ staff 

    Staff who work for a business affiliated with UQ should apply for an affiliate card (for example UniQuest staff). 

    1. Ensure your Workday records are up to date at least 48 hours before requesting an ID card.
    2. Request a staff ID card.

    If you receive an error requesting a card, wait 48 hours before applying again. Contact Human Resources if the issue persists. 


    You'll need to have access to the following documents when you request a contractor ID card:

    • your UQ contract, or correspondence that confirms your employment
    • correspondence that outlines the access you need to a UQ campus or facility.

    Contact Human Resources if you receive an error requesting a contractor ID card. 

    Affiliates and visitors

    If you're a UQ business affiliate, or a visitor who needs access to facilities (such as a visiting researcher), you need to apply for an affiliate account. 

    1. Apply for an affiliate account.
    2. Request an affiliate ID card.

    Contact IT support if you have trouble applying for an affiliate account or receive an error requesting an affiliate ID card.

    Department card custodians

    Only card custodians for divisional areas can request generic ID cards. 

    Contact IT support if you receive an error when requesting a generic ID card.