UQ cares about your personal safety. You can to, by:

  • keeping yourself and others safe
  • reporting all incidents and suspicious behaviour to Security, no matter how minor.

UQ's personal awareness safety program provides services and resources to help everyone play their part in keeping the campus safe.

Establishing safety habits on campus

Taking charge of your own safety involves building habits into your routine while on campus. Get to know your campus as soon as you can, and work out the best way for yourself to travel to and from the campus, your transport and buildings.

Walking around campus:

  • be alert and walk purposefully
  • avoid walking alone at night by travelling with a friend or using the safety escort
  • use the preferred paths map to find well-lit walkways to use at night
  • in case of emergency, use an emergency call point or the UQ SafeZone app to contact Security and set off an alarm.

Taking public transport:

  • use the after-hours safety bus service when travelling on campus at night
  • know your timetables to avoid long waits at the stops by yourself
  • stay in open, populated areas in full view of the ferry, bus or train.

Parking on campus:

  • make sure your vehicle is locked
  • park in well-lit areas as close to your destination as possible
  • move your car closer when you plan on being on campus after dark. Check what parking zone restrictions apply.
  • never leave valuables where someone can see them
  • never put personal identification on your keyring.

Safety escort

You can contact Security and ask for an escort to public transport or your car at night. This free safety service is available at:

  • St Lucia and Gatton campus, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Herston campus, Monday to Friday, 1am to 10.45pm
  • Long Pocket site, Monday to Friday, 7am to 2.15pm and 3pm to 10.15pm.

If you know you'll want an escort at a particular time, contact Security in advance so someone will be available for you when you're ready to go.

After-hours safety bus

A free after-hours safety bus runs after 6pm on the St Lucia campus. The routes cover the campus and some local off-campus areas.

Pedestrian paths at night

Some paths and roads on campus are safer than others because they are well trafficked, better lit and more closely patrolled. Keep to these tracks at night.

Plan your trip in advance using the:

Emergency call points

Emergency call points (ECP) are available for emergencies only. Find the locations of:

Push the button to trigger an alarm and be put in immediate contact with Security. Security will send personnel to your location.

Gatton has help phones located around campus that connect you directly to the Security office.

Sexual respect

UQ takes sexual respect seriously and provides:

  • support and information for survivors of sexual assault and misconduct
  • options for reporting sexual assault and misconduct if you choose to
  • information about consent, and UQ's policies and procedures.

CCTV on campus

UQ operates closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras on all campuses and sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CCTV allows Security to monitor activity at UQ, and identify safety and security issues on campus.

You can find out about how UQ protects your personal information through privacy and information collection policies: